Sarayat El Maadi Where The Green Is Greener

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Maadi is a district well known for it’s beautiful nature as well as it is safe and secured. The neighborhood is known to being quiet and friendly among having their own combination of multinational residents that come from all around the world. You can find that there are many foreigners and locals living aside each other with no issue at all. The most popular areas in the district of Maadi are Sarayat Maadi, Maadi Degla and Zahraa El Maadi as well as Old and New Maadi.
When it comes to expats coming to live and reside in the district of Maadi, it is very common that they choose between both Degla El Maadi and Sarayat El Maadi because out of all the areas in the beautiful district, it is well known for being clean and surrounded by fellow expats and foreigners as well, you can also view our exclusive practical guide to Egypt. 
With the many stylish and traditional restaurants and cuisines located all over Maadi especially in the popular road 9, along with many chill-out cafes that are known among the many youngsters in the community. There are also many relaxing drinking spots that are popular with the expat community that offer various forms of cocktails, live music and amazing company that you can enjoy with your beloved family, friends and co-workers.