5 Reasons Why To Invest In New Cairo Egypt

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When Chinese Developers made the announcement that they will fund the New Cairo project, it has since then ignited and shown a closer identity towards reality. The China Fortune Land Development Company announced that they will offer 20 billion dollar investment while another state-owned Chinese company then announced that they would invest 15 billion dollars towards the project.

The new city has been developed due to overcrowding and to reduce pollution at any cost while enhancing the prices of housing projects in Cairo. The government has noted that New Cairo will foster consensus, increase national pride as well as grow sustainably throughout the upcoming years. This offers many potential investors the opportunity to invest in a project that will sure that people get places where they can reside, live and invest in the future. The only challenge that both investors and the government need to manage is the housing units are quite expensive, inaccessible and actually unattainable for the majority of citizens.